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2017 Design Trends

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Dear Moss Building & Design,

What are some interior design trends I can expect in 2017?

— Dulles Mom

Dear Dulles Mom,

There are going to be some fun, big changes in 2017. Here are a few of our favorites:

Black is the New Black
A few of us on the Marketing team attended the NVBIA WMSMC 2016 Design Trends Wrap-Up Conference and learned about this great trend, black trim! It is being used in unique and interesting ways like with accent walls, window trims, black steel appliances! Every year you hear about the newest color that supposedly is the “new black,” however, THIS year BLACK is the new black.

Jewel Tones
Good news if black isn’t your thing vivid jewel tones are making a strong showing in 2017. You can instantly make a room more interesting with a POP of emerald green or a Moroccan-inspired pillow. With a limited budget, you can literally transform a room with some small exotic touches of color. Considering we are just coming from the holiday gift-giving season, our credit cards will thank us!

Upholstered Headboards
When you have a small army of little people (that you in fact created) living under your roof sometimes, your bedroom is the only area of sanity you have in your home. Shouldn’t you spend a bit of time and energy in making it your oasis from the chaos? Fabric upholstered headboards are a relatively cost-effective way to spruce up a tired bedroom and make the most impact! As a bonus, your monkeys will be thrilled that their heads have a soft landing when jumping on your bed.

Warmth, Warmth, Warmth
Adding warmth to a house instantly makes it a home, especially during those first few months of the year when you literally feel the cold in your bones!! A cork accent wall not only adds texture to a space, it generates the element of warmth with its warmer tones. Adding it to a main work space also has an additional feature of muting noise. Perfect for those high traffic areas we all have in our homes. Terracotta tiles are also on trend and are adorning the walls of kitchens and bathrooms everywhere. It has been said that the earthy elements of these tiles bring a calming sensation in your home. I don’t know how I feel about that but I do know that I can take any “sense of calm,” I can get….let’s dig up those tiles!

Mixing of Old & New
“Out with the old in with the new”, is something we repeatedly hear as the calendar turns. However, not all families can afford to do this. Good thing a major trend we see for 2017 is missing traditional with modern pieces. Mixing colors, textiles, and textures allows you to tell the story of YOUR family in a fun and eclectic way!

— Moss Building & Design

Moss Building and DesignMoss-200-x-200 is the top home remodeling company in Northern Virginia that has established a reputation for excellence in remodeling additions, kitchens, bathrooms, and basements and providing home services for homeowners. With a strong focus on community, Moss Building and Design encourages a hands-on approach to home improvement with an emphasis on education. Their ‘Girls Night Out’ HandyMOM101 events offer DIY workshops covering projects like tiling, power drills, caulking, and patching drywall. Connect: Online | Facebook | Twitter.

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