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Ask Moss: Effects of Winter on the Home


Dear Moss Building & Design,

I’m worried about the effects of this tough winter on my home – is there anything in particular I should be checking once it (hopefully) warms up?

— Dulles Mom

Dear Dulles Mom,

Great, and very pertinent, question! The most important aspect of a post-winter home inspection should involve checking to see if any water has entered your home via the roof, windows, or chimneys. Specifically, you should be looking for areas with leaks, water spots, or rotting wood – including trim around window and doors, fascias, rakes, and soffits. You should also check for water damage on the inside of your home that affects drywall and ceilings.

Besides checking windows and the roof for leaks, you should look at concrete, stone or brick around the exterior of your home for gaps where water might have penetrated, frozen, and expanded. If this had occurred, a larger gap or crack might have been created – causing an even further chance of a leak.

All homeowners should have taken the time in early winter to properly drain exterior hose bibs and shut them off – if not, you risk frozen pipes. The danger with frozen pipes is that the water inside can expand and pipes may burst. If that occurs, you will need to have your pipes replaced by a professional. When turning water back on in the spring, take care that no water has frozen and created any new leaks.

— Moss Building & Design

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