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Ask Moss: Engaging Kids in Home Improvement


Dear Moss Building & Design,

We want to make some home improvements around our house but with the kids, it seems almost impossible. Got any tips for getting them involved and excited?

— Dulles Mom

Dear Dulles Mom,

Absolutely! Kids have great imaginations and are very creative – we would suggest getting them involved from the get go. For example, if you want to re-arrange/paint/decorate their rooms, have the kids look at magazines or at Pinterest or Houzz with you to get ideas for furniture placement, paint colors, shelving, etc. Then, they can go with you to the store to pick out what they want (with a bit of control thrown in by Mom and Dad!).

For larger jobs, kids can also help with the conceptualizing and design aspects of things – they could even help with online design tools, which would be a lot of fun. Kids can also help with prepping for home improvement jobs – clearing out rooms, laying drop cloth, organizing tools (safe ones only! And under close supervision!), etc. Older children can help hold a measuring tape, a level, and hand screws to an adult. Younger children can be given simpler jobs. With any home improvement project, children will also learn the value of patience, which is a lifelong gift!

— Moss Building & Design

Moss Building and Design is the top home remodeling company in Northern Virginia that has established a reputation for excellence in remodeling additions, kitchens, bathrooms, and basements and providing home services for homeowners. With a strong focus on community, Moss Building and Design encourages a hands-on approach to home improvement with an emphasis on education. Their ‘Girls Night Out’ HandyMOM101 events offer DIY workshops covering projects like tiling, power drills, caulking, and patching drywall. Connect: Online | Facebook | Twitter.

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