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6 Home Improvement Projects for Fall

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With a new season comes new projects around the house. Spending time outdoors even gets a little easier with mild temperatures and a cool breeze. Fall home projects can be beautifying and improvements or tidying and winter preparation.

We’ve got six home improvement projects to boost curb appeal and prepare for winter so you can enjoy the outdoors, check some items off your list and put some love back into your home:

Home Improvement Goal: Boost Curb Appeal
Why not mix it up a little? The holidays are around the corner, and you want your home looking its best. Have the most inviting home on the block and complete some of these tidying projects and have a lasting impact.

Powerwash the Exterior & Scrub Those Windows
Okay so maybe a passerby won’t notice, but you sure will. Get up close and personal with your siding or exterior, does it need a good wash? It’s a relatively easy DIY project that can prevent exterior damage to your home and give it a fresh look. The fall sun and foliage will be easier to see through newly-washed windows.

Paint the Front Door or the Shutters
This one’s just for fun. Has it been a while since you’ve switched out your home’s accent color? Boost the curb appeal and give it a fresh coat of paint.

Home Improvement Goal: A Beautiful Yard
There are a million ways to make your yard a beautiful oasis, but here are a few old reliable tips for a healthy, attractive, happy-looking yard come spring.

Aerate & Fertilize
Lawn aeration is an excellent way to encourage thick and robust grass growth and alleviate soil compaction. A fertilizer with a “winterizer” feature can help your yard stand up to those cold temperatures ahead.

Drain Your Hoses & Spigots for Winter
Failure to disconnect and drain your exterior taps can cause major plumbing problems once temps drop below freezing. Avoid burst pipes and plumbing emergencies by storing your hose inside and draining the taps. Follow our helpful blog post for how to disconnect your garden hose for winter.

Home Improvement Goal: Home Heating Efficiency
Last fall or last winter, did you say “next year we’re getting this fixed”? Think back to some of your heating or insulation woes last year and get a head start on repairs and tune-ups. Taking this step now will not only ensure your family stays warm when the cold sets in, but efficiency measures will save you money.

Walk & Caulk 
Take a caulking gun and walk the interior and exterior of your home looking for gaps near windows, feeling along the edges for airflow, and patch them up! You should also examine weather stripping on all exterior doors to see if they need replacement.

Furnace Tune-Up 
Make sure your furnace is primed for optimal performance by getting a tune-up from a professional HVAC company. By getting the 411 on your heater’s health before you need to turn it on, you’ll save yourself a headache and the surprise of unexpected repairs if your machine fails in cold weather.

Just because summer has come to an end doesn’t mean we’re hibernating just yet. Use the fall months to your advantage and take care of the home projects that are already on your list, and the ones we’ve suggested above. You’ll be happy to show off your progress, and you’ll be happily prepared for when the cold of winter sets in.

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