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As a parent, I come across a lot of content that is important, relevant, and shareworthy to moms, dads, and families. Check out these excerpts to articles you may find interesting…

The Open Secret of Anti-Mom Bias at Work
by Katherine Goldstein, The New York Times

There’s widespread evidence that bias against pregnant women and mothers is a systemic problem beyond a few bad bosses…more

Abusive Parenting Styles Can Be Inherited. Here Are 5 Ways to Break the Cycle.
by Sarah Szczypinski, The Washington Post

We don’t really talk much about corporal punishment, but it wasn’t so long ago that it was an acceptable way to discipline children. Although public opinion may have hushed the conversation, in practice, physical discipline is not uncommon…more

New Kentucky Law Pushes for Equal Parenting Time After Divorce
by Alexis Rogers, WLWT5

Kentucky will be the first state to establish joint custody or equally shared parenting time as the legal starting point in every divorce case…more

Exhausted From Parenting With Little Help From Spouse
by Dear Abby,

Dear Abby, I am a working mother of three who may be battling postpartum depression. I feel like I am parenting alone…more

Top 10 Baby Names of 2017

As parents, our children’s names have special meaning. Whether our dear son or daughter’s name was inspired by a special friend or relative, the latest popular movie, or handed down by tradition, we’re always curious how unique their moniker is…more

How to Avoid ‘Sharenting’ and Other Paparazzi Parenting Habits
by Amy Iverson, Deseret News

…after having a child of their own, three-fourths of new parents jump right on the parental social media bandwagon. If you have become a member of this group, there are some rules to follow for posting responsibly…more

RIE Parenting: An Alternative Way to Raise Kids That’s About ‘Perceiving a Child as a Person’
by Arti Patel, National Online Journalist, Smart Living Global News

…a philosophy first introduced by RIE founder Magda Gerber in the U.S. in the ’70s, Huffpost reports, it focuses on becoming observant of your child’s behaviour and essentially giving them respect to be themselves…more

Parenting Myths and Facts
by Michaeleen Doucleff, NPR Reporter, Weekend Edition Sunday

What can other cultures tell us about raising kids? Non-Western societies have a lot to teach us, from reducing the stress of parenting to raising more independent kids…more

Parents of Twins More Likely to Have Anxiety or Depression
by Zawn Villines, Correspondent

The Journal of Psychiatric Practice has published new research on mental health in parents of multiples (twins, triplets, etc.). Parents of multiples reported higher rates of depression and anxiety than other parents…more is not the author of this content. All authors and sources are sited with links back to the original source. We’re sharing becuase we think it’s important, relevant, and shareworthy to moms, dads, and families!

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Articles of Interest for Moms, Dads, & Families

As a parent, I come across a lot of content that is important, relevant, and shareworthy to moms, dads, and families…

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