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Ask Moss: Tips for Keeping Cool This Summer?


Dear Moss Building & Design,

Do you have any tips for keeping my home and family cool in the summer months, especially after the heat wave we had in late May this year?

— Dulles Mom

Dear Dulles Mom,

  1. Save heat-generating activities like dishwashing until the evening on hot days. Keep your house closed up tightly (with effective shades on the East and West windows) during the day. Ventilate at night either naturally or with fans.
  2.  If you have an older central air conditioning unit, consider replacing the outdoor compressor with a more modern and high-efficiency unit. Match it properly to your indoor unit. If buying a new air conditioner, make sure it is properly sized to your home’s size!
  3. Don’t air-condition un-used rooms. Close the vents in those rooms to force more cool air into rooms that are used. This is a great tip for your basement as well – as it’s naturally cooler, close those vents!

Stay cool this summer!

— Moss Building & Design

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