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What Are 2016 Kitchen Trends?

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Dear Moss Building & Design,

I am thinking about replacing my kitchen counters, but I want to make sure they do not seem dated. What are some of the kitchen trends for 2016?

— Dulles Mom

Dear Dulles Mom,

These up and coming kitchen counter-trends are becoming more common for homeowners. Regarding color — think white marble or a white quartz that mimics marble. This timeless look not only has a classic feel but you can add an edge of flair by pairing your counters with bold colors and accents.

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Regarding style, waterfall countertops, and mitered edges are now in style. We have seen these becoming more and more popular over the years — beveled counter tops have been run out of town by this sleek, modern look. See this look from HGTV.

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Finally, synthetic surfaces like Dekton are becoming increasingly popular. While these countertops are much thinner, they are just as functional and usually less pricey than say a white marble or quartz. What you sacrifice in ‘prestige’ you make up for in versatility and customization.

— Moss Building & Design

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