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Ask Moss: Winter Home Tips


Dear Moss Building & Design,

Any tips for keeping my home in tip top shape for the winter?

— Dulles Mom

Dear Dulles Mom,

January is a month where we have to keep an eye on things around our house, especially with below freezing temperatures. Some suggestions:

  • Pipes can freeze in the winter. In addition to making sure your outside water is shut off until temperatures are warmer (and you need to water your grass!), pour 1 gallon of water down un-used drains in your house. A little goes a long way to keeping things moving.
  • Check your attic for signs of wildlife that might be taking residence in the cold!
  • Inspect your dishwasher for leaks and service your garbage disposal by grinding several cups of ice cubes in it.
  • Double check the operation of your sump pump.

Good luck getting through the winter!

— Moss Building & Design

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