B&O’s Magical Holiday Express

by Liz Jones | November 29, 2018 2:40 pm

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Only an hour away, the B&O Railroad Museum is a definite must-stop for any train lover, young and old! Boasting one of the oldest and most historic American Railroad collections, this museum makes for a perfect day trip, especially around the holidays.

December 1-31, 2018, the Baltimore campus of the B&O Railroad Museum is hosting a Magical Holiday Express[3]! This spectacular holiday celebration will feature visits with Santa and friends, crafts and activities, model train displays, real trains rides, and much more!

Each weekend in December includes a special holiday theme with special guests, train layouts, and more. Click to plan by the weekend: December 1-2[4], December 8-9[5], December 15-16[6], and December 17-31, 2018[7]. Or, click to plan by activity: Train Rides[8], Model Train Layouts[9], Special Appearances[10], Crafts & Activities[11], and Live Musical Performances[12].

Admission includes most opportunities for each day; however, certain premium opportunities require an additional fee and pre-registration.

The B&O Railroad Museum, a full affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, offers guests the opportunity to see, touch, hear, and explore the oldest and most historic American Railroad collection at the Baltimore campus of the B&O (Baltimore & Ohio) Railroad Museum. Regarded as the birthplace of the American Railroad, the museum features both full-size locomotives and model replicas.

Visitors can explore inside locomotives and train cars, view historic railroad artifacts, and even enjoy a 20-minute, round-trip train ride along the first commercial mile of railroad track laid in America!

The B&O Railroad Museum is located at 901 W. Pratt St., Baltimore, MD 21223.

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Disclaimer/Terms[14]: These opportunities are subject to last minute cancellations and changes that might not be reflected in this DullesMoms.com post. Please, always confirm by calling/clicking.

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