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Ask Moss: How to Make Home Warmer Without Window Replacement

Dear Moss Building & Design, We moved into a new home this spring and realize that our windows are not as new as the ones in our old house. We are noticing that the cold this winter is really seeping

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Ask Moss: Keeping Home and Roof Safe During Winter Snowstorms

Dear Moss Building & Design, How can I keep my house and roof safe (and dry indoors!) during winter snowstorms? — Dulles Mom Dear Dulles Mom, Good question! Several important things you should be aware of during a snowstorm are: 1.

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Ask Moss: Engaging Kids in Home Improvement

Dear Moss Building & Design, We want to make some home improvements around our house but with the kids, it seems almost impossible. Got any tips for getting them involved and excited? — Dulles Mom Dear Dulles Mom, Absolutely! Kids have

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Ask Moss: Effects of Winter on the Home

Dear Moss Building & Design, I’m worried about the effects of this tough winter on my home – is there anything in particular I should be checking once it (hopefully) warms up? — Dulles Mom Dear Dulles Mom, Great, and very pertinent,

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Ask Moss: Summer Readiness Ideas

Dear Moss Building & Design, I feel like this winter has put my home through the wringer. But now I’m thinking our spring will fly by and summer will be here very soon. What should I be considering with summer

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