Flexible Job Opportunities for Families via FlexProfessionals

by Liz Jones | December 4, 2018 12:29 pm

Women face unique challenges in the workforce when they become a mother to their first or their third child. Whether you work full- or part-time or stay home with your children — we can all anticipate the bumps in the road of juggling a current or future job, a family, a home and more.

Luckily, moms have Sheila Murphy, mom of 3, who not only knows all about those challenges first-hand — but co-created FlexProfessionals[1] whose target audience includes stay-at-home moms looking to re-enter the workforce and current full-time working moms who want to find a new opportunity or work part-time. Check out these job opportunities from their latest newsletter (Dec 4, 2018):

Marketing, Sales, & Communications

Marketing Manager (PT), Reston, VA (New this week!)
Director, Strategic Communications (PT), Arlington, VA (New this week!)
Marketing Coordinator (PT), Washington, DC (New this week!)
Social Media Specialist (PT), Vienna, VA (New this week!)
Marketing Coordinator (PT), Manassas, VA
Social Media Marketing Specialist (PT), Arlington, VA

HR & Admin
Recruiter (PT), Arlington, VA (New this week!)
Receptionist/Office Assistant (PT), Woodbridge, VA (New this week!)
Administrative Assistant (PT), Washington, DC (New this week!)
Receptionist (PT), Fairfax, VA (New this week!)
Office Admin/EA (PT), Tysons, VA
Administrative Assistant (PT), Woodbridge, VA
HR Generalist/Recruiter (PT), Alexandria, VA
Administrative Assistant (PT), Herndon, VA
Office Manager (PT), Leesburg, VA
Administrative Assistant w/Active Clearance (PT), Tysons, VA
Practice Coordinator (PT), Vienna, VA

Finance, Accounting, & Analysis
CFO (PT), Chantilly, VA (New this week!)
Finance Manager (PT), McLean, VA (New this week!)
Staff Accountant (PT), Bethesda, MD (New this week!)
Junior Staff Accountant (PT), Bethesda, MD (New this week!)
Operations Manager (FT, Flex), Washington, DC
Staff Accountant (PT), Falls Church, VA
Tax Preparer (PT, Virtual), Alexandria, VA
Finance and Administrative Associate (PT), McLean, VA
Bookkeeper (PT), Falls Church, VA
Controller (PT), Alexandria, VA
Bookkeeping Specialist (PT), Falls Church, VA
Accountant (PT), Rockville, MD
QuickBooks Online Bookkeeper (PT), Washington, D

Contracts, Legal, & Proposals

Proposal Writer (PT), Manassas, VA

Facility Security Officer (PT), Chantilly, VA
Project Management
Project Analyst (FT, Flex), Annapolis, MD

The jobs posted above may be in various stages of the hiring process, from a new posting right through to the offer and placement. For more information on how we work with candidates, please see our website[2].

Disclaimer/Terms[3]: These opportunities are subject to last minute cancellations and changes that might not be reflected in this DullesMoms.com post. Please, always confirm by calling/clicking.


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  3. Terms: http://dullesmoms.com/terms-conditions/

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