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Get Swinging! Golf Lessons For Kids

One of the greatest things about living where we do is that there is no shortage of sports and activities for kids. Sometimes it isn’t so easy to choose among them all. What if you could get your child involved in a sport they can play for their whole life? A sport that will help them to develop perseverance, patience, good sportsmanship, and personal responsibility?

Golf is a fantastic sport for children of all ages to learn and one they can continue to play their entire lives, either on a team, as a pro, or just for fun. The game and golf courses themselves are evolving to encourage children and families to play. So how do you get started?

We’ve compiled a list of the area’s top places for kids and entire families to learn and play. Most lessons and camps at private clubs are open to the public, so even if you aren’t a member, your child can still get in on the game.

Public/Daily Fee Courses
Private Clubs
Other Clubs & Courses

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