Go Ape Grand Opening!

by Dulles Moms | March 22, 2017 8:11 am

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Go Ape is coming to Northern Virginia! Opening May 5, 2017, in Springfield, VA, in South Run Park[3], this aerial challenge course will feature two opportunities — Treetop Adventure and Treetop Junior. For a limited time, receive 15% savings through Certifikid[4] (search Go Ape).

Treetop Adventure | Ages 10+
Way more than just zip lines, Treetop Adventure is a 2- to 3-hour journey through the forest canopy as you take on suspended obstacles, Tarzan swings, and breathtaking zip lines. The longest zip on the Treetop Adventure is 318-feet; the highest platform is 45-feet tall; the entire course is 3,273-feet long! For a limited time, enjoy tix for just $23.80[5]!

Treetop Junior | All ages with a minimum height of 39-inches
This 1.5-hour outdoor experience is designed specifically for young adventurers! Go Ape Treetop Junior courses utilize an easy to use safety system that will keep your young adventurers safe while they focus on having fun! Made up of 20 obstacles and two zip lines, Junior courses are packed with excitement! The longest zip on Treetop Junior is 140-feet; the highest platform is 27-feet tall; the entire course is 933-feet long! For a limited time, enjoy tix for just $23.80[5]!

Go Ape is located at South Run Park, 7550 Reservation Dr., Springfield, VA 22153. Connect: Online[6] | Facebook[7] | Twitter[8] | (800) 971-8271.

Disclaimer/Terms[9]: This opportunity is subject to last minute cancellations and changes that might not be reflected in this DullesMoms.com post. Please, always confirm by calling/clicking.

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