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Making Your Outdoor Space Fall-Friendly

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Dear Moss Building & Design,

Now that pool season is over, I’ve noticed my backyard could really use a pick-me-up to help us get the most of our outdoor space all year long. Do you have any suggestions for making it fall-friendly?

— Dulles Mom

Dear Dulles Mom,

Fall is a hectic time for families with back-to-school activities and sports practices filling up the calendar, but don’t miss out on sitting back, relaxing outside, and enjoying the cooler, more pleasant weather. With just a few enhancements your backyard can really become your fall oasis and family gathering place!

Accentuate Nature
Natural materials are “in” — think cedar posts on patios, native plants, water features, and natural stone. A fire pit is another fun accent for the backyard and the perfect way to get your family together to roast marshmallows. If you’re looking for a more dramatic design effect, consider installing an outdoor gas fireplace. Safety is really important when it comes to deck fireplaces, so make sure to choose a fire-safe hearth, especially if you want a more traditional wood-burning variety fireplace.

Enclose Patio Space for Use All Season Long
You can also make your backyard area really feel like home by enclosing your space. Whether you use glass, screens, or keep a patio or pergola open to the air, adding a fan and some lighting overhead will make your space feel more like another room in your house. Screens will keep the pesky bugs out in the summer and fall and the fan will keep air moving on hot days. To get the chill out of the air during fall and temperate winters, use a gas or electric patio heater.

Bring the Indoors, Out
Make your outdoor space feel more like home by adding indoor/outdoor furniture. Many couches, chairs, and rugs now look cozier than your typical benches or patio furniture and can stand up to the wind and rain. Patios also can be equipped with sound systems and televisions as long as they’re protected from the elements. If you like to cook, you could even install an outdoor pizza oven for authentic, home-cooked family pizza nights. Then you’ll have great food and a lovely place to sit and eat it!

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