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Indoor Play Guide

Save-the-Date: Parent Info Event at The Hill School

The Hill School, who provides private education to students in Jr. Kindergarten through 8th grade aims to build character, self-confidence, and scholarship. They achieve this by providing academic and co-curricular excellence, individualized attention, and a strong sense of community since 1926!

Parents are invited to visit on February 13, 2018, for a parent information session. Join them to meet educators, learn more about their opportunities, and the chance to ask questions among like-minded parents.

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Parent’s Night Out Events & Opportunities

Everyone needs a night out without the kiddos — start here to plan yours!

More : On-Demand & Hourly Childcare Guide
More : How Old Should My Child Be Before I Leave Them Alone?

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Extra! Extra!

DullesMoms’ supporters want to share some extra (extra!) news with you!

Wegmans’ Chinese Food Fest | Feb 9-10, 2018
In honor of the Lunar New Year, Wegmans Fairfax is hosting a Chinese Food Fest! Join them for this special celebration of Chinese culture… more

Free Performances | Feb 10 & 24, 2018
The National Theatre offers families an opportunity to enjoy live shows free of charge as part of their Saturday morning programming… more

Discover Engineering Family Day | Feb 17, 2018
Discover how professional engineers turn ideas into reality at Discover Engineering Family Day — a popular (and free!) annual event… more

Mardi Gras Carnival | Feb 17, 2018
Get ready to enjoy some Mardi Gras fun as the Claude Moore Community Center Preschool transforms into a family carnival… more

Enjoy George Washington’s Mount Vernon for Free | Feb 19, 2018
February is a big month for George Washington — it not only brings President’s Day but Mr. Washington’s birthday, too! Celebrate his legacy with free admission… more

Nickelodeon’s Bubble Guppies Live | Apr 8, 2018
The Guppies are leaving their underwater city of Bubbletucky to tour around the country…more

Free LEGO Building Opportunities | Ongoing
LEGOS aren’t just fun, they’re educational tools that teach creativity, engineering, math, and more! Check out these free LEGO-building events… more

All You Can Jump Wednesdays | Ongoing
For $20 on Wednesdays at Launch Trampoline Park, jump all you want from 4 pm to close… more

February Fun at Monkey Joe’s | Ongoing
Monkey Joe’s is packed with wall-to-wall inflatable slides, jumps, obstacle courses, and more! Join them in February for some special fun… more

The Fairfax Christian SchoolNewsletter Sponsor: The Fairfax Christian School

Preschool/Private School Open House Guide

Updated Daily! Searching for the best half- or full-day program for your growing student? Get your search started with our Open House guide. We list parent-recommended programs that not only meet your child’s needs — but your family’s, too!

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Sarah's FuntimeNewsletter Sponsor: Sarah’s Funtime

Expert Advice is proud to host a variety of thought leaders and experts ready to share advice and answers. With your family in mind, they tackle a broad range of topics:

Capital Women’s Care
Post-Baby Blues? Here Are 5 Ways to Help
It seems counterintuitive, but sometimes during what is arguably one of the most joyful (albeit stressful) times in our lives, we can’t help but feel depressed… more

Moss Building & Design
2018 Design Trends
This year, we’re starting to see a pattern of “old is new again” with some new trends harkening back to previous design eras… more

John C. Flood
3 Heater Safety Tips That Will Prevent a House Fire
Improper use of heating equipment contributed to 56,000 fires that resulted in 470 deaths, 1,490 injuries, and $1 billion in direct property damage… more

Jen McCann, Realtor
Countdown to Home Ownership
Advance planning and knowing what to expect along the way can help make the home buying process easier, less stressful, and hopefully enjoyable… more

Dr. Erin Kardel, Psychologist
Understanding OCD in Children
OCD is much more than just compulsions — OCD is driven by obsessions that create anxiety and/or discomfort… more

Bright Horizons
The Value of Children’s Play for Development
Most of us have heard the expression, “play is a child’s work” — but what does that really mean… more

Barakat Orthodontics
The Function of Retainers After Braces
Orthodontists understand that it can be frustrating to wear a retainer after having your braces removed… more

Dr. Wellner, Chiropractic Physician
Chiropractic Care for Colicky Infants
Chiropractic care is remarkably helpful to infants with colic… more

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