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Ashburn Psychological & Psychiatric Services

Dr. Michael Oberschneider, a Clinical Psychologist, fondly called Dr. Mike by some of his youngest patients, is the Founder and Director of Ashburn Psychological & Psychiatric Services. As a mental health expert, Dr. Oberschneider has been featured on CNN Nightly News, Good Morning America, NPR, WTOP, and several other media outlets. Plus, in acknowledgment for his work with children and teens, Dr. Mike received the esteemed recognition of Top Therapist (July 2009) by Washingtonian magazine.

In 2016 Dr. Oberschneider added the title of children’s author to his resume with the debut of Ollie Outside, a book encouraging screen-free fun. This unique publication challenges children to think how Ollie can get his family to shut off their gadgets and play together.

Ashburn Psychological & Psychiatric Services is located at 44095 Pipeline Plaza, Ste. 240, Ashburn, VA 20147. To learn more about Dr. Oberschneider and his practice, connect: Online | Facebook | (703) 723-2999.

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