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Recommended Books for Moving with Kids

By Jen McCann, Realtor

If you are moving and are looking for a tool to help your child prepare for the move, I recommend checking out a book. Having a great book to help reassure your kids and encourage them through the process, as well as provide you a way to open the communication about moving and the emotions it tends to stir up. It may be just what you need to make your move a little bit easier, less stressful, and hopefully enjoyable. Below is a list of books I recommend for moving with kids between the ages of 2 and 16:

Before I Leave, by Jessica Bagley (ages 2-5)
Zelda is moving and her best friend, Aaron, can’t come with her. This is a sweet story about using the time the friends have left playing and enjoying their time together.

The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day, by Stan and Jan Berenstain (ages 2-5)
Who doesn’t love the Berenstain Bears?? Another great adventure for the Berenstain Bear family as Brother Bear asks the same questions most kids ask when moving like “Will I like it?” or “Will I find new friends.” This is a great book to help younger kids get ready to move.

Ben Says Goodbye, by Sara Ellis (ages 3-6)
Ben’s friend is moving away. A wonderful, gentle story opens up the discussion of how to deal with a friend moving away.

A House for Hermit Crab, by Eric Carle (ages 4-7)
Hermit Crab is growing out of his current shell. It’s time to move for him to move out…and for someone new to move in. A great message about leaving to find a home that is a better fit, while giving someone else the opportunity to enjoy the home that is being left behind – that is a better fit for that animal.

A New Room for William, by Sally Grindley (ages 4-8)
William struggles with the change moving brings. He likes his old room but learns to like his new room over time as he gets to decorate his new room and meets new friends. An encouraging message that over time William discovers things he loves about his new home and neighborhood.

Lily’s New Home, by Paula Yoo (ages 5-7)
Lily and her family are moving from the suburbs to the city – from a house with a yard to an apartment. This is a good book for kids moving to a new environment and encourages exploring all that the new neighborhood has to offer, including meeting new friends.

Katie Woo Moving Day, by Fran Manuskin (ages 6-8)
Katie is moving into a new house, and it isn’t the same as her old house. While her parents tell it will soon feel like home, she is not so convinced. This book is part of a great series of the adventures of Katie Woo.

The Good-Pie Party, by Liz Garton (ages 4-8)
What a fun way to say good-bye! Three best friends love baking and turn that love into a fabulous way to spend time together before one of the girls moves away. The party turns into a wonderful send-off shared with the whole neighborhood.

Yard Sale, by Eve Bunting (ages 4-8)
If you and your family are downsizing, this is a fantastic book to help kids process their feelings about selling their belongings. It is a heart-warming story about realizing what matters most is not for sale.

New Kid New Scene, by Debbie Glasser and Emily Schenck (ages 12-16)
This book is written by a mom and her daughter and gives a unique, engaging reading style as you follow the “script” of several kids feeling the emotions of being alone and trying to fit in as they adjust to change in their lives. It includes tips and questions that may help them explore their own emotions and give parents an opportunity to talk with them about their move or change.

Bonus Book Recommendation:
I am currently reading The One Thing, by Gary Keller based on the recommendation of my husband. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to discover the one thing they are called to pursue and how to focus in on your pursuit of that one thing.

Moving can offer a fresh start to discover who we are and what is our purpose. Anyone who knows me knows I am passionate about finding your “why” and constantly evaluating what is in your lane to ensure you are living the life you were uniquely designed to live. The One Thing offers practical tools of how to stay in your lane, effectively manage all that is in your lane, and live out your one thing!

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