Scouting Events & Activities in NOVA

by Dulles Moms | March 7, 2017 12:00 pm

Find more Scouting opportunities here[1].

Scouting is popular in NOVA! Boys and girls alike are lucky that Northern Virginia and the surrounding area boast so many badge- and skill-building opportunities. We’ve partnered with┬áScouting Events & Activities in NOVA[2], a local Facebook group, to share events and opportunities we learn about!┬áHave one to add? Let us know by sending an email to [email protected][3].

Ongoing Opportunities[4]
Are you a planner? Then check out these on-going opportunities[5] you can plan for now, or in the coming year.

Looking for something more specific? Check out these monthly opportunities, or use them to plan ahead for the next year:

Oct | Nov | Dec
July | Aug | Sept
Apr[6] | May | June[7]
Jan[8] | Feb[9] | Mar[10]

Oct[11] | Nov[12] | Dec[13]
July[14] | Aug[15] | Sept[16]
Apr[17] | May[18] | June[19]
Jan[20] | Feb[21] | Mar[22]


Disclaimer/Terms[24]: These opportunities are subject to last minute cancellations and changes that might not be reflected in this post. Please, always confirm by calling/clicking.

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