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True or False? with Dr. Barakat, Part 1

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True or False: Orthodontists want to examine children at 7-years of age so that braces can be placed on the teeth ASAP?

FALSE: Most children do NOT need early intervention orthodontics. However, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends an orthodontic exam starting at age 7 because, for most children, that is when the first molars come in. At that time, the back bite is established, and certain problems such as crowding, grinding and thumb-sucking habits, cross-bites, open bites and some jaw discrepancies can be detected. According to Dr. Barakat, for some, a timely evaluation will lead to significant treatment benefits; for others, the principal immediate benefit is a parent’s peace of mind.

True or False: Orthodontists are specialists?

TRUE: Like their specialist counterparts in medicine (cardiologists, neurologists, gastroenterologists, etc.) orthodontists receive more formal education to be specialists. Orthodontists specialize in straightening teeth and aligning jaws. Like dentists, orthodontists graduate from dental school, but then, to be an orthodontist, it takes an additional two to three academic years of education in an accredited orthodontic residency program. Orthodontists are dentistry’s specialists in straightening teeth and aligning jaws to create optimal function and form. Orthodontists only practice orthodontics, treating hundreds of patients a year.

True or False: You should only visit an orthodontist for challenging and complex orthodontic cases?

FALSE: Orthodontists have the education, experience and expertise to treat all levels of orthodontic problems. A seemingly “simple” case can be hiding subtle problems that only an orthodontist can recognize. Rely on an orthodontist to diagnose and successfully treat all problems with tooth and jaw alignment.

True or False: Braces work better than Invisalign to straighten teeth?

FALSE: It actually depends on the bite. Orthodontists are not limited to the use of one kind of appliance. Braces and Invisalign are the “tools” used to move teeth and align jaws. Orthodontists have knowledge of the full range of orthodontic appliances, and what to use to correct each patient’s orthodontic problem.

True or False: Braces aren’t just for kids anymore?

TRUE: More than one in five current orthodontic patients is an adult. Adult orthodontic treatment contributes to significant improvements in both professional and personal lives, according to respondents to a recent study conducted on behalf of the AAO. Citing newfound self-confidence, 92 percent of survey respondents say they would recommend orthodontic treatment to other adults. At Barakat Orthodontics, we have a designated adult area for anyone who enjoys more privacy while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

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Dr. Rana Barakat, a board-certified specialist in Orthodontics, has been proudly serving Northern Virginia for 20-years! She has built her practice on a personal touch and excellent treatment. As a parent, she understands wanting the best for your children in giving them beautiful, confident smiles. She makes it a priority to ensure optimal results, but also believes that each patient’s experience during treatment is just as important as the clinical result. As the 2015-16 President of the Virginia Association of Orthodontists, Dr. Barakat’s dedication and expertise reflect why her peers continue to nominate her as a Top Dentist.

Barakat Orthodontics is located at 45745 Nokes Blvd., Ste. 175, Sterling, VA 20166. Connect with them by clicking: OnlineFacebookTwitter, and calling: (703) 433-9330. Download their free app: iTunesGoogle Play.

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