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by Dulles Moms | July 11, 2017 8:23 am

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Wegmans is already our favorite place to shop, grab lunch, and at many locations, enjoy a free movie on Friday nights! It’s also the perfect place to enjoy low-cost, hands-on cooking classes. Plus, Wegmans doesn’t skimp on fresh, healthy ingredients that get the kids excited about cooking and trying new foods! Register for each event at the Service Desk. Most events are 1 hour, for children 4 and older, and $10 or less!

Ready. Set. Party!
July 12 & 13, 2017 | Alexandria, VA
This fun, hands-on class is all about new twists on summer favorites. Your kids will be enjoying tasty wraps, slicing up a cucumber blueberry salad, and creating a fruity summer punch – perfect backyard party foods!

Make, Mash, & Flip for Ice Cream!
July 25, 2017 | Fairfax, VA
July 26 & 27, 2017 | Alexandria, VA
Making ice cream from scratch is the start of this fun class! They’ll mash their fresh-made ice cream between cookies to make ice cream sandwiches, then “flip” it by using it as a topper for a fruit-based sundae. Once the kids learn how to make ice cream, they will be cool all summer long.

Scoop & Spin Veggie Fun!
August 9 & 10, 2017 | Alexandria, VA
Make veggies fun and kids will eat more of them! First, your children will love scooping, chopping, mixing, and filling their scrumptious squash boats. And wait until they make and enjoy the tasty tri-color veggie noodle salad!

Breakfast Mix-Up
August 23 & 24, 2017 | Alexandria, VA
This jam-packed class has your junior chefs making Breakfast Tortillas with Jack Cheese (made burrito-style) and Organic Greek Yogurt Smoothies.

Disclaimer/Terms[3]: These opportunities are subject to last minute cancellations and changes that might not be reflected in this DullesMoms.com post. Please, always confirm by calling/clicking.

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