2018 Design Trends

by Liz Jones | January 24, 2011 7:46 pm

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Dear Moss Building & Design,

What are some of the latest home design trends for 2018?

— Dulles Mom

Dear Dulles Mom,

We’re excited to highlight a few of our favorite home décor and design trends for 2018. This year, we’re starting to see a pattern of “old is new again” with some of the new trends harkening back to previous design eras. Which of the following trends do you think you can you incorporate into your home this year?

Use of Bright Colors
In 2018, homeowners and designers will be thinking more about how to incorporate a pop of color into each room. In kitchens[3], bold color choices are often reflected in special appliances or fixture accents, such as a deep red sink or bright blue range hood.

Carrying your favorite color throughout the house will be important as well. Some of 2018’s hottest color trends are tonal, warm reds in the living room as well as statement pinks and yellows. You may have seen “millennial pink[4]” and rose gold colors used quite a bit in fashion and interior design in 2017. While rose gold’s popularity may take more of a backseat this year, pink, in general, is still going to be popular.

Geometric & Floral Patterns
Floral wallpapers, furniture, and even sinks will rise in popularity in 2018 along with the use of geometric patterns. Accent walls and ceilings may display more patterns to catch the eye.

A less intrusive way to incorporate this trend into your home might be through backsplashes or tile accents. At the very least, you can always incorporate a geometric-patterned throw blanket to your living room[5].

Vintage Lighting
We predict that vintage pendants or sconces with copper or brass finishes will make a comeback this year. But, really anything, from crystal chandeliers to 60s and 70s modern-looking pendants, will give your space an updated 2018 look. Think old is new again.

Rich Textures & Materials
Earthy and industrial materials will be high on redecorators’ wish lists this year when it comes to anything from lighting upgrades to appliances and accent walls.

Some of 2018’s most popular materials will be concrete, brass, stone, copper, and granite in darker hues. In the kitchen, the farmhouse sink will still be popular but think less of the deep, white, or stainless steel variety, and perhaps opt for a copper one. You might also see concrete being used in countertops and on floors. Not only is it a cheaper design material, but it also creates a rustic, raw look.

Farmhouse Sinks
Farmhouse, bucket, or trough sinks continue to be very popular. Over the past year, these have mostly been used in kitchens, but in 2018, you’ll see a shift to their usage in bathrooms[6] as well. They can also replace common utility sinks in laundry rooms for a much-needed upgrade in that room you use so much.

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