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2018 Goal: To Buy (or Sell) a Home

By Jen McCann, Realtor

It’s that time of year again. We grab a cup of coffee and sit on the couch taking time to reflect on 2017 and set goals for 2018. As we think back on the memories of the year, we are distracted by all the stuff in our house and how crowded the gatherings were and decide at the top of the goal list for 2018 is to buy a new home. Here are a few tips for setting yourself up for success when preparing to buy or sell your home:

Goal: Buying a Home

Talk With a Local Lender
I highly recommend working with a local lender who you can meet in person if you want and who is much more likely to care about you as a client (and getting you to the settlement table on time) because their local reputation is on the line.

Make a List of Your “Must-Have” & “Nice-To-Have” Features & Amenities
How many bedrooms do you want? Do you want a single-family house or a townhouse? What amenities do you want in the community – a pool, golf course, or even no HOA? How close do you want the grocery store or your neighbor? Having a list of your home and community preferences will narrow in on the areas that will best meet your needs.

Talk With a Local Realtor
Searching online is easy and how most people start their home search; however, talking with a local Realtor who is familiar with the local market will be able to take your financial plan (how much money you have been approved for by your lender), combine it with your home and neighborhood ideas, and work with you to find the right neighborhoods and homes that will help you meet your ultimate goal of buying a home.

Bonus tip: For more information about buying a home, sign up for one or both of the free, no obligation webinars on buying a home hosted by Jen McCann here.

Goal: Selling a Home

Talk With a Local Realtor
While looking online and watch TV shows will give you general ideas of how to be prepared to sell your home, a local Realtor will have experience with your local market to give you insight on how to sell your home in the quickest amount of time for the most money.

Finish the House Projects
If you started to paint a room, remodel a bathroom, or put on a deck, finish the project. If you do it yourself, make sure you have done the improvements up to current code and have any required permits completed. Or, talk to your real estate agent to get referrals of vendors who can help you get the projects done. You will have one chance to showcase your property and want it to look its best when you go on the market.

Go through each room and set up a box to “donate” and “trash”. Decluttering can be overwhelming and time-consuming so the sooner you start the easier it will be. Having any extra furniture or other items out of the house before you go on the market will make the house show better to potential buyers inviting strong offers to purchase your property.

Bonus tip: For more information about buying a home, sign up for one or both of the free, no obligation webinars on buying a home hosted by Jen McCann here.

Working through these tips, whether you are aiming to buy your first home or want to sell your current home and buy another home that is a better match for your current needs, will help you reach your goal of buying or selling in 2018.

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