5 Questions to Ask Your Contractor

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Dear Moss Building & Design,

What are five questions anyone should ask a contractor before they begin work on a remodeling job?

Dear Dulles Mom,

Great question, and an incredibly important one!

Before beginning any remodeling work on your home, you definitely should find out the following:

  1. Is your contractor licensed, bonded, and insured?
    This is crucially important in case anything goes wrong!
  2. Will your contractor pull all the appropriate permits from your county, or do you need to do so?
    Again, very important that your remodeling work is conducted within the appropriate avenues where you live.
  3. Does your contract for the work include a payment schedule, and will it cover warranty work post-remodel?
    What else will it cover and include?
  4. What sort of communication can you expect from your contractor, and how will your schedule be tracked?
    It’s vital that you never feel “left in the dark” about your remodeling work:
    • Can you reach your contractor by phone, text, email, or all three?
    • Is there a shared schedule that you can access at all times?
  5. Is there someone on staff who can assist with selections or point me in the right direction?
    Is there a timeline that will be shared with me?

There’s so much more to think about. We invite you to read more in our Home Remodel Planning Guide.

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