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5 Essential Ingredients for Selling a Home



Your home will sell for the highest price and in the fastest amount of time when all five of the below ingredients are perfectly combined. If one ingredient is left out of the formula or is out of proportion to the others, your home will sit on the market, and possibly not sell at all.

Check out these five essential ingredients for selling your home:

The pricing of your home must accurately reflect its condition. The general upkeep and presentation are critical to obtaining the highest price tag. The quality of such things as the roof, plumbing, carpets, and paint all relate to the condition.

The pricing of your home must also reflect its location. The more desirable the location, the higher the acceptable price. School districts, high vs. low traffic, highway accessibility (to name a few) all need to be considered in determining the value of the home’s location.

Recession, inflation, interest rates, mortgage availability, competition, and the public’s perception of the general economy all make up the “market.” Pricing needs to reflect the current nature of the market as agents cannot influence any of these factors.

The more flexibility you have with the various terms of the contract, the more potential buyers there will be for your home. Being willing to work with buyers on inspections, financing options, conveyances, or settlement date will be much more attractive to buyers than sellers who are rigid with what they are willing to accept.

The pricing of your home is the most important factor in the sale. Taking into account the first four ingredients, we can then come to the magic number called the listing price. As experienced agents, we know exactly how to weigh all of these factors together to make sure your home is priced right!

Cristina Dougherty & Associates is a full-service Northern Virginia real estate team with more than 15-years of experience, specializing in both buyer and seller transactions. Totally dedicated to their craft, the team of three agents and one executive assistant make clients their number one priority, striving to exceed expectations on every sale.

Cristina Dougherty & Associates stays at the forefront of marketing and technological innovation in the real estate industry, always on top of new opportunities to help clients get their homes bought and sold. Proving their reputation of excellence, Christina Dougherty & Associates has been featured in Washingtonian Magazine's Top Agents issue four years in a row! In addition to being top-notch agents, they are also a lot of fun to work with!

Connect with Cristina Dougherty & Associates by clicking: Online, Facebook, Twitter, calling: (703) 969-0471, and emailing: [email protected].

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