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5 Tips for Selling in the Fall

By Jen McCann, Realtor

Fall can be a wonderful time for Sellers to list their home. Summer vacations are over and Buyers are now planning for the upcoming holidays…and how they are going to fit in all their friends and family! If you find yourself thinking about selling your house, here are five tips to help you get the highest price in the quickest time:

Tip 1: Set the Right Price
Analyze the price with your real estate agent to ensure you are setting the list price at the right price. Inventory remains low, so well-priced homes are still selling quickly. Be careful not to overprice during the fall season. Buyers may be planning to host Thanksgiving Dinner this year and won’t wait for a price drop.

Tip 2: Be Move-In Ready
As Buyers have holiday parties and guests on their mind, they have less time and money to spend on fixing up a home. Adding a fresh coat of paint, upgrading the light fixtures, and installing new carpet are a few ideas on what can help get your “return on investment” sooner.

Tip 3: Embrace the Season
Each season has its own ambiance and the fall season is particularly spectacular. Take advantage of the fall decorations and make your home warm, cozy, and inviting to Buyers. Add a fall wreath at the front door, clean the fireplace, and turn on the apple cinnamon or pumpkin spice diffusers around the home just may encourage Buyers to fall in love with your home.

Tip 4: Turn on the Lights
Don’t forget to open blinds and turn on the lights. The slightly higher electrical bill is worth it as having light (natural or not) will be critical during the shorter days of the fall.

Tip 5: Spruce Up the Curb Appeal
With the falling leaves, this may be the most work-intensive part, but if you don’t keep the yard looking clean, the Buyers may never get out of their car. Rake the leaves, clean out the gutters, replace the outside lamp bulbs, and add a new welcome mat to the front step. Help the Buyers envision themselves coming home starting with the drive up the driveway.

While most people think spring and summer are the best times of the year to sell your home, the fall and winter can the best time for your home and needs. Don’t let people tell you the “home-buying season” is over. Working with an experienced Realtor to prepare your home for the current market can make the fall selling season your best season to sell.

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