Getting Your Home Ready for Spring: 5 Tips

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Dear Moss Building & Design,

The weather has been so wild this winter, and I’m ready for some spring days ahead! What are some tips for getting my house and myself ready for spring?

Dear Dulles Mom,

Boy, do we hear you! What a weird winter of weather we’ve had! We’ve consulted our experts, and here are some tips to get your house ready for spring:

1. Start cleaning top to bottom. Gravity is your friend in this situation!

2. Don’t neglect walls and windows when cleaning… dust settles everywhere.

3. If you didn’t check your HVAC system in the fall, consider doing it before the weather gets too warm.

4. De-clutter! We’re all creatures of habit in winter, but setting a fresh tone for spring is good. This includes the inside and outside of your home.

5. And, most importantly, make a schedule. Don’t make your life so difficult by doing all these things in one day or weekend — break it down into manageable steps!

We hope this helps, and let’s see if March keeps us on our toes or if we have some calmer days and nights ahead!

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