6 Small Upgrades That Can Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

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Dear Moss Building & Design,

How can I make my bathroom look bigger without investing in a full blown renovation?

— Dulles Mom

Dear Dulles Mom,

Here are a few small upgrades that will have a BIG impact on your bathroom!

The More Mirrors, The Merrier!
Though this may seem obvious, mirrors create an illusion of space. Mirrors range in sizes, shape, color, and price, so have fun with it. The room will automatically feel bigger, no construction necessary.

Clear Shower Doors
Lots of people opt for a foggy glass or dark curtain to block the shower from view. However, in order to create the illusion of space, clear glass shower doors make the shower suddenly feel like livable square footage again. The other plus to clear shower doors is the ability to let in natural light. Always take advantage of a window and let that sunlight in!

Busy Floors, Simple Walls
Remove all unnecessary decorations and re-do your bathroom floors! This will allow for the bathroom to be far less busy and cluttered. All attention will be drawn to the glorious tiling on the floor and really open up the room.

Find Your Niche
Long gone are the days of tripping over your shower products that slip around at your feet. The practical and modern day versions of bulky shower caddies are little cubbies, or niches. They are sleek, efficient, and perfect for organization!

Racks on Racks
You can’t yell at your kids for throwing their wet towels around the bathroom if you are guilty of it as well. Install a towel rack that is perfectly placed by your shower or tub to keep things organized.

Less is More
Your bathroom should be your safe haven. A huge trend in the remodeling world is simplicity. So keep it to a minimum, there is really no need to crowd your space. The last thing you would want is to feel cramped. So get in there, and clean it out! For example, this bathroom in McLean is GOALS! Simple, clean, natural light, one large mirror; the bare necessities.

For pictures and more information, head over to our blog post here.

— Moss Building & Design

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