A Fresh Look at Summer Camp

by Dulles Moms | July 11, 2020 1:48 pm

By nZone[1], July 2020

Laughter echoes. Eyes smile from behind masks. The nZone is taking a fresh look at camp this summer!

Adhering to COVID-19 guidelines is just the beginning of a brand-new camp experience. We’re streamlining drop-off procedures to limit exposure within the building, performing contact-free temperature checks, and designing activities that maintain the singular use of equipment.

Our ever-important, energetic camp counselors maintain a temperature record to ensure everyone remains healthy and accountable!

Masks don’t stunt the enthusiasm brimming across our fields. Kids are excited to be out of the house and enjoying safe socialization options in small groups. We’ve truly redesigned the entire experience.

nZone offers so much great stuff to do. Counselors play traditional recess games with campers, like capture-the-flag and dodgeball — and then turn to thought-provoking enrichment activities, like sloppy science or LEGO robotics.

If you’re looking to give your child a vacation from home, nZone has space available for your child[2]. We’re the perfect “safe place” for your child, outside your home. This year, we’re only doing full-week registrations to limit exposure for campers and staff.

Summer camp is a tradition your child shouldn’t miss out on!

Learn more about nZone summer opportunities here[3].

The nZone is a sports complex and indoor sports fitness center in Northern Virginia.

The nZone provides a safe, fun opportunity for athletes of all ages to develop skills across a variety of sports in a family-friendly environment where they can also cultivate character traits beneficial to their competitive spirit and the community at large. Whether you’re 18-months, 18-years, or older, the nZone has something for everyone!

The nZone is located at 14550 Lee Rd., Chantilly, VA 20151.

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