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Children in kindergarten through grade 12 thrive at Dominion Christian School! With three NOVA campuses, a lively culture, and a Christ-centered worldview, all students benefit from a well-blended environment and carefully crafted curriculum.

The school’s quality educational methods blend a classical Christian approach with the cutting-edge advancements in contemporary math and science. This learning environment paves the way for students to develop wisdom and the leadership skills needed to become thriving members of society.

Program levels include:

The 5-year-old program sets students up to participate in their own education, with social and academic introductions that include plenty of parent and family member involvement. This program is full of language, math, science, geography, and an overview of both Old and New Testament stories.

Lower School
The lower school is full of fun for students in grades 1 through 6. Lower school learning goals include establishing a love of learning and providing students with the knowledge they need to become successful learners. Reading, writing, math, the arts, PE, and even Latin are some of the programs you’ll find students participating in.

Middle School
Grades 7 and 8 make up the middle school, which includes courses in formal and informal logic. Students debate and engage in a variety of classes that encourage higher-level thinking and analytical focus. Middle school scholars take a deep dive into the curriculum, exploring events and content before making their way to the annual Science Fair.

Upper School
Made up of students in grades 9 through 12, the upper school is dedicated to fostering each students’ artful expression. Academic skills grow to include persuasive communication and meaningful content engagement. Literature, philosophy, theology, and history are embedded in the curricula, which adds to the richness of the program.

Experience the well-rounded classical Christian approach at Dominion Christian School. Proudly producing some of the strongest students in the nation, the school’s dynamic liberal arts foundation paves the way for successful scholars long after formal education is complete!

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Daytime Student Body:
Kindergarten to Grade 12


(703) 758-1055


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11411 Isaac Newton Sq., Ste. A, Reston, VA 20190 (Map)
10922 Vale Rd., Oakton, VA 22124 (Map)

Fairfax County

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