How Do We Choose Siding?

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Dear Moss Building & Design,

We are considering having new siding put on our home, but we have no idea where to start. Any tips?

Dear Dulles Mom,

Great question!

First off, check with your community’s bylaws to see what rules are in place for siding colors, etc.

Second, we would recommend thinking about the type of siding you want to have. Vinyl is very popular in our area, and many companies can provide durable, long-lasting, and beautiful siding.

Thirdly, when choosing colors, think about your personality and our area’s environmental qualities: warm tones work well in our area. You can make your home stand out with vibrant and contrasting trim and accent as well.

You can also always check out Moss Building & Design’s website for links to siding companies and blogs in which we discuss these details.

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