Local Children’s Author: Kathy Rather

by Liz Jones | April 1, 2020 11:04 am

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We already know Virginia is for lovers, and that means book lovers too! From picture books to educational treasures, now’s a great time to support our local DMV talent!

Kathy Rather | Loudoun County
Loudoun County Public School teacher Kathy Rather adds to our local talent list with her book Get Your Mouth Ready for a Treasury of Small Stories. With a twist on traditional alphabet books, this piece looks at beginning alphabet blends and digraphs through silly and catchy stories! Kids will love the tongue twisters while repeatedly hearing how letter sounds work together.

Rather is currently a kindergarten teacher, and her early childhood background shines in her work. She loves gardening, swimming, and of course, reading! Find this author’s book on Amazon:

Get Your Mouth Ready for a Treasury of Small Stories[2]
Get Your Mouth Ready for a Treasury of Small Stories is a unique alphabet book that stresses beginning alphabet blends and digraphs rather than single-letter alphabet sounds. It is a unique spin on the traditional alphabet books. This book is a collection of small stories that reinforces a variety of beginning sounds with two letters working together to form one sound.

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