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Believe and achieve with a summer of fun this year at Best Academy!

Best Academy is a fully-accredited private school providing exceptional instruction to children in Kindergarten through 12th grade. With Gifted & Talented (GT) classes, Credit Courses, SAT Prep, and enriching summer camps, Best Academy is a fantastic place to grow and learn all year-long!

Best Academy is aware that many families are experiencing economic hardships. To help and give back to parents and their community, who have supported them for so many years, Best Academy has created a COVID-19 Scholarship for their 2020 summer programs.

A scholarship amount of $500 will be applied towards all student’s tuition for summer camp programs! Plus, register before April 30, 2020, and receive a 10% discount, as well! Please note, Best Academy offers a flexible payment plan to help even more.

Need academic support a little sooner? Best Academy is also enrolling students for their online Spring classes. Click here to learn more.

This summer, make memories and enjoy academic excellence with Best Academy’s 8-week summer opportunities!

2020 opportunities include:

Academic Camp | Rising 1st-8th gr
June 15-Aug 7, 2020
This full-day, 8-week camp offers a one-stop solution to students! Kids will enjoy fun activities and receive intensive learning in English, reading, math, applied math, social studies, science, vocabulary, STEM topics, and more.

To learn more, click here.

Gifted & Talented (GT) Intensive | Rising 3rd-6th gr
June 15-Aug 7, 2020

Students will engage in a variety of fun activities and intensive learning during this 8-week summer camp. Perfect for students looking to grow in a variety of content areas like reading, writing, math, and more.

To learn more, click here.

Thomas Jefferson (TJ) Intensive | Rising 7th-8th gr
June 15-Aug 7, 2020

This intensive camp includes activities and academic instruction within a variety of content areas. Enjoy events, club activities, SAT review, and more.

To learn more, click here.

SAT Prep Intensive | Rising 9th-12th gr
June 15-Aug 7, 2020

This full-day, 8-week camp includes fun activities and intensive learning in a variety of academic areas, including instruction in math, vocabulary, SAT prep, and more. This camp also includes volunteer opportunities (pending due to the pandemic).

To learn more, click here.


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