Budget-Conscious Home Improvements You Can Make in 2021

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Dear Moss Building & Design,

We’re looking forward to the new year!

We’ve spent a lot of time in our home this year and have found there are lots of ways that we could improve our space — but, we’re feeling overwhelmed. How can we best start down the road to making improvements without breaking the bank, but also not getting in over our heads?

Dear Dulles Mom,

We’re also excited about 2021! And yes, we can totally see how you’re feeling — it’s completely understandable.

Having stared at the walls and been home with children for many months can make us all long for change. A total main floor renovation or three-story addition might be a long-term goal, but those take a lot of planning and require the correct finances.

While you look ahead to those changes, here are some other smaller ways to make your space more functional for your family:

Update Your Bathrooms
Install new vanities, light fixtures, and change out wall paint to increase your bathrooms’ value and give them new life.

Switch Out Kitchen Appliances
It’s not a full remodel, but new appliances can really give your kitchen a fresh look. Plus, new technology can make cooking and cleaning easier and faster.

Spruce Up the Exterior
Power wash your siding, deck, and patio, replace your window screens, plan ahead for spring landscaping, or install new garage doors! There are lots of ways to start from the outside in.

Get Your Family Involved
Make a home improvement project a labor of love for everyone. Do your kids like their at-home learning situation, or do they have some ideas for making it better? Have them pick out new wall paint or a comfortable desk chair with you so that they take ownership of the decision and understand what it means to be responsible for a decision!

These are just some smaller ways to start the new year fresh and give you something to look forward to. We hope that you had a lovely holiday season!

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