Color For Days: How Cabinet Colors Are Trending in 2022

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Dear Moss Building & Design,

I read your column last month about the different ways to update my cabinets. It got me thinking about other ways to update my cabinets with color. Any ideas?

Dear Dulles Mom,

Conveniently enough, our latest blog addresses the topic of color on cabinets: Color For Days…How Cabinet Colors Are Trending in 2022.

Whichever room you’re remodeling in your home, if cabinets are a part of the project, then the color or wood tone chosen is highly important to the overall design.

“Until recently, color has often been just on the walls of rooms and not usually on cabinets. At Moss Building and Design, we know what an impact cabinets have on a room and how they can make a remodel stand out. So, while a white kitchen is classic and never goes out of style, for example, we know white cabinets are not necessarily the only option, and the same goes for a bathroom remodel.”

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