Options For Updating Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Dear Moss Building & Design,

I want to give my kitchen a facelift! I know cabinets are one of the most prominent features in my space and likely one of, if not the most significant, expense. How can I update my cabinets to give my kitchen a fresh look?

Dear Dulles Mom,

Great question! Yes, we understand and know that cabinets are the most prominent part of your kitchen. And we also know that the range in price for cabinets can leave many people confused. So here are a few ways that cabinets can be updated:

Semi-custom cabinets (meaning, from a manufacturer where you pick out all special and unique features that are built for your space) are, frankly, expensive and have a long lead time. You are paying, of course, for the ability to pick out custom colors, fun pull-outs, and more. To replace your entire kitchen cabinetry set is a pricey, but long-term solution.

You can replace your cabinets with a combination of natural wood and synthetic to save money. This is a less expensive route than semi-custom.

Refacing (Resurfacing)
You can reface your existing cabinets for an effective change. Refacing means an installer will remove the doors and drawer fronts, laminate the boxes, then replace the drawers and fronts with new material.

Refinishing means that the existing cabinets have their finish/color changed with sanding and repainting.

There are many options for kitchen cabinet updates — from expensive to more affordable. Decide what you plan to do with your space long-term and have fun with what’s out there!

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