Cabot Creamery Offers Free Scout Patch Programs

by Liz Jones | March 12, 2018 6:14 pm

Scouting Events & Activities in NOVA[1]

By DullesMoms, August 2018

Cabot Creamery, known for dishing up award-winning cheeses and the best dairy products, also serves up five great programs for Scouts and youth groups! Perhaps it’s the company’s commitment to family or just their continued dedication to our youth, but Cabot Creamery understands that the actions of today lead to the success of our future!

Troops can partake in any of five free programs, earning patches to build skills that will last a lifetime. Choose from the following:

Sustainability Patch[2]
Cabot’s Small Steps Toward Sustainability encourages all group to make small changes in your lives to help your homes and communities become more sustainable.

Fueling Head to Toe[3]
Learn about the importance of healthy food choices and exercise in a healthy lifestyle.

B Corp Patch[4]
The B Corp Patch Program teaches kids the importance of strong, healthy communities.

Learn about the importance of feeling and expressing gratitude.

Co-ops for Community[6]
Learn about the value of cooperatives as a better business model, and help build leadership skills and support community connections.

Calcium Challenge[7]
Learn about how calcium helps maintain healthy bones and a healthy you!

Each unique program focuses on learning the importance of a given topic and troops will walk away with newfound knowledge and appreciation for making a difference in their communities! Once your group has completed the activities, fill out an online survey and receive your FREE patches and treat pack!

Learn more online[8] and sign up to receive Cabot’s Education newsletter to stay informed of Cabot’s invaluable youth and troop opportunities!

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Disclaimer/Terms[10]: These opportunities are subject to last minute cancellations and changes that might not be reflected in this post. Please, always confirm by calling/clicking.

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