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Ask Moss: What Can I Do and When Should I Hire a Contractor?

The DIY movement is a great thing for homeowners — it helps you save money on home improvement projects, allows you to get hands-on, and…

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Tips for Getting My House Ready for Fall

Dear Moss Building & Design, What are some tips for me to get my house ready for fall when the kids are finally back in school? — Dulles Mom Dear Dulles Mom, Great question! If you end up having spare time,

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How Do I Make My Kitchen Brighter?

Dear Moss Building & Design, My kitchen is dark and feels closed in. What are some ways that it could be brightened up? — Dulles Mom Dear Dulles Mom, Great question! It is always nice to have a bright, filled room,

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Tips for Keeping Cool This Summer?

Dear Moss Building & Design, Do you have any tips for keeping my home and family cool in the summer months, especially after the heat wave we had in late May this year? — Dulles Mom Dear Dulles Mom, Save heat-generating

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How Do We Choose Siding?

You can make your home stand out with vibrant and contrasting trim and accent…

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Ask Moss: Winter Home Tips

January is a month where we have to keep an eye on things around our house, especially with below freezing temperatures…

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Preparing Your Home for Droppings Temps

Dear Moss Building & Design, Now that the temperatures are dropping, what should I check into around the house to make sure my family is comfortable? — Dulles Mom Dear Dulles Mom, Great question, especially with the drop in temperatures we

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Basement Flooding

Dear Moss Building & Design, I’m worried that we might get some heavy summer thunderstorms soon and my basement will flood (again!). Any advice? We use the basement as our kids’ playroom. — Dulles Mom Dear Dulles Mom, We can understand

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Constantly Running Attic Fan?

Attic fans are designed and installed to switch on (via a thermometer) when the temperature in a house reaches a certain point…

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Damage on Hardwood Floor

The cost of this job will depend greatly on where the damaged floor is located…

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