Charity Lemonade-Stand Opportunities for Kids

By DullesMoms, May 2015

When life gives you lemons… make lemonade! Summertime is the perfect opportunity to open up lemonade stands on those scorching summer days. Whether it’s on the corner of your street or outside the neighborhood pool, how could anyone resist an adorable face offering a refreshing beverage? Don’t think it could get any cuter? How about a kiddo selling lemonade for charity? Talk about a serious tug on the heartstrings — take my wallet, kid.

For 3 long months, the kids are out of school and ready for fun, but just because school isn’t in session doesn’t mean they can’t continue learning. What better lesson to teach than one that will last a lifetime? While many of us are lucky enough to enjoy the summer days poolside and traveling, others may not be as fortunate and forced to spend their break in doctor’s offices and hospitals. While this doesn’t mean you should drop all your plans, this reminder makes for an excellent opportunity between your travels and activities to make a difference in another’s life.

Charities such as the following have set a growing precedent for charitable lemonade stands, and they are making a difference!

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer
• Lemons to Lemonade
• Take a Stand
• Lemons to Aid

Raising proceeds for childhood cancer research, emergency aid funds for underprivileged children, and benefits for overseas troops, these lemonade stands are popping up nationwide. These charities host their own events and encourage and assist children and families to open their own independent lemonade stands as well. It’s not uncommon to see kids on the corner with colorful signs, screaming at passing cars to stop by their booth and grab a nice cool drink. This year while they’re having fun and making profits, why not teach them the art of making a difference and giving back?

How Can You Get Involved?
Individuals, families, and small groups can go online to find information on how to get involved in a local event hosted by one of the above-mentioned existing organizations. If you’d like to open your own stand that will benefit one of these charities, you can visit their websites for information on where to send your donations. Groups such as Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer and Lemons to Lemonade offer resources on their websites, from banners to fundraising kits and event webpages, to help you spread the word about your lemonade stand!

If you’d like to get involved but prefer a more independent and even local route, you are in luck — there are plenty of local organizations that would be happy to benefit from one of these amazing and selfless beverage benefits! Your children can create vibrant signs to display in hand and at their stands, advertising their product, as well as their charity of choice! Rather than pricing drinks, consider exclusively asking for donations; this allows patrons to determine their donation amount. Big smiles from little entrepreneurs may just bring in even bigger donations from compassionate customers.

Stands could be set up near your home, outside community pools, or even in front of a local store (with permission, of course). After a long day of selling ice-cold ade to aid others, consider donating to groups that benefit local children and organizers, including:

Ellie’s Hats, in the name of local student Ellie and founder/teacher Jay Coakley
• Sarcoma Foundation of America, in the name of Mathias Giordano
• Smashing Walnuts Foundation, in the name of Founder, Gabriella Miller
• Carter’s Run for Dandy-Walker, in the name of local 7-year-old Carter

There are also ways to donate to local, larger organizations such as The Ronald McDonald House of Greater Washington D.C. and Mobile Hope of Loudoun. Visit their websites for information on where to send donations.

Don’t forget, the kiddos may need some help and supervision from Mom and Dad to make all of this happen! Some supplies you might need include:

• Table and chairs
• Cups
• Posterboard and markers
• Lemonade mix
• Cooler and ice
• Donation jar

If you’re feeling really ambitious, consider grabbing some Popsicles and water bottles in case some of your customers would prefer a different way to cool off!

Whatever route or charity you choose, what matters is you and your child are making a difference in the community, which speaks volumes. Though, giving back and earning money isn’t just for summertime; who wouldn’t love a charitable yard sale or tea and cocoa stand in the fall?

Start now and create great habits that your child will carry through the seasons and the years!

Disclaimer: Events/opportunities are curated from public sources and are subject to changes/cancelations that might not be reflected on