Can Cicadas Damage Your Home or Yard?

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Dear Moss Building & Design,

Brood X is here! I know that the cicadas are harmless to my family, but will their presence affect any parts of my home?

Dear Dulles Mom,

What…we can’t hear you! Haha!

The cicadas are most certainly here, and they are certainly loud! Did you know the mating call is equivalent to the decibel of a low-flying plane? That being said, our sources do remind us, as you note, that they are harmless to humans.

They will be here for several more weeks, though, so it’s important to protect certain parts of your home and yard. Cicadas don’t want to come indoors to mate or lay their eggs but, they might accidentally come through any screen windows or doors that aren’t properly secured. Repair those as soon as you can to deflect the clumsy flyers from coming indoors.

We’d also recommend covering any patio furniture that is near or under trees in your yards. Cicadas leave their shells behind, and as you know, they fall and end up around the bases of your trees. So cover your furniture unless you want to be cleaning it off regularly.

Also, definitely, cover your pool or hot tub when not in use. Otherwise, some cicadas will end up not surviving the accidental swim. Finally, if you haven’t yet, prune your trees and shrubs — as we mentioned, cicadas mate and lay eggs in trees. This isn’t harmful to mature trees but, having fewer tree limbs and shrubs available will keep your cicada numbers to a lower level.

Good luck surviving Brood X!

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