3 Common Home Improvements New Families Make

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Dear Moss Building & Design,

My spouse and I are expecting our first child this winter, and we are overwhelmed at the updates our home needs (or might need?) before our little one’s arrival. What home improvements do new families commonly make before a new family member is welcomed?

Dear Dulles Mom,

First, congratulations! Second, we’ve worked with many new families who want to have home improvement projects completed before their first (or third) baby arrives. The improvements most often requested include:

Bedroom Additions
Often, a starter home doesn’t have all the space a family would like for their growing brood. So, customers will come to Moss Building & Design and want to add a pop-top addition to create, for example, a primary suite that frees up the other rooms for the children. Or, we’ll have customers who want to add more space to the main level of their home for a primary suite, allowing the use of the upstairs bedrooms for kids. To accommodate more bedrooms, there are many ways that houses can be remodeled.

Basement Finishing
Once it’s too cold outside, where will the children play? If there’s a basement in your home, this is the perfect spot for lots of toys and playthings for kids of all ages! However, many basements in our area are either unfinished, partially finished, or were finished by the home’s previous owners and need updating. We often have customers who want a basement completed before the baby’s arrival, and we’ve worked within that tight timeframe to make it happen!

Kitchen Remodels
Yes, it’s true, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Once you have children, it’s someplace you’ll find you spend even more time! Families with new babies need a functional kitchen with room to move, squeeze in a highchair, keep items safely stored, and more. Customers will reach out to us wanting to have their kitchen finished so they can enjoy it and not worry about old appliances and unsafe cabinets!

We hope these suggestions help on your journey to parenthood and home improvement! If you’re in the market for a remodel, call us at (703) 961-7707 or email [email protected] to kick-off your next project!

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