Fall Festival @ Cox Farms

by Liz Jones | October 29, 2022 12:00 am

This opportunity has passed. You’re invited to visit our calendar[1] for up-to-date fun!

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While you can visit the Cox Farms Corner Market year-round, their highly-anticipated annual Fall Festival is one of the most popular events in Northern Virginia!

Their 2022 festival is back and better than ever! Upcoming dates include:

Boasting tons of fall-themed fun, enjoy high-energy activities like multi-story slides, swings, a corn maze to explore, and plenty of climb-on play features. Plus, don’t miss the live entertainment, their world-famous hayride, goat village, and more! And, what fall festival would be complete without a cast of friendly farm animals?!

Click here[5] to purchase tickets and check out the festival’s calendar for daily entertainers, special admission days, and more!


Cox Farms[7] • Centreville, VA (Map[8])


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