Why You Shouldn’t Delay Orthodontic Care

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Dear Dr. Barakat,

I don’t think I can afford braces. What could happen if I delay orthodontic care?

Dear Concerned Parent,

Orthodontic treatment in some patients can be mainly for cosmetic reasons. Still, sometimes the treatment is important for medical reasons, and putting off treatment can end up costing more and take longer to complete if a patient’s condition is not treated and gets worse.

Orthodontic issues, like improper jaw development in a child, crowded permanent teeth, or damage from a crossbite, become worse over time. Crooked teeth can also cause gum problems, and a person’s confidence can be affected if they are self-conscious about their smiles. The best thing to do is to see an orthodontist for an examination.

At Barakat Orthodontics, we offer orthodontic exams at no cost to talk with patients about their concerns, figure out a treatment plan, and determine how long treatment might take and cost. Dr. Barakat and her team will recommend a plan for care (using traditional braces or aligners) and work with patients to figure out ways to make it affordable.

If the issue is mainly cosmetic, patients can plan for their treatment without necessarily starting right away. Still, if there is a serious issue, Dr. Barakat will work out a plan so treatment can be spread out to treat the more urgent orthodontic problem sooner and then complete the rest of the care later.

In any case, patients should take the time to discuss their needs and options with an orthodontist. The goal is to get everyone the best treatment for a healthy, beautiful smile!

Dr. Rana Barakat, a board-certified specialist in Orthodontics, has been proudly serving Northern Virginia for more than 20-years! She has built her practice on a personal touch and excellent treatment.

As a parent, she understands wanting the best for your children by giving them beautiful, confident smiles. She makes it a priority to ensure optimal results, but also believes that each patient’s experience during treatment is just as important as the clinical result. As the 2015-16 President of the Virginia Association of Orthodontists, Dr. Barakat’s dedication and expertise reflect why her peers continue to nominate her as a Top Dentist.

Barakat Orthodontics is located at 45745 Nokes Blvd., Ste. 175, Sterling, VA 20166. Connect by visiting them online, or get social with them on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. Barakat Orthodontics can also be reached at (703) 433-9330.

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