Descriptions of Deliverables is an online resource for families in Northern Virginia that specializes in sharing family-friendly businesses, events, and opportunities, as well as services in which women are the primary decision-makers.

In 2019 received almost 1.5 million pageviews! We invite you to view our full demographics here, including our top 20 locations reached.

Below, check out descriptions and rates of our deliverables (valid until March 31, 2020).




Sidebar Banners
Located on the right-hand side of almost all pages (as seen on a desktop computer) and rotates position page-to-page.

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Header Banners
Located at the top of all pages and rotates between two banners.

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Page or Guide Banner
Located above the content on select pages and seasonal guides (see below).

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Banner design is also available, as needed.


Event-Style Blog Posts
A custom-written description of your event, opportunity, or message. If applicable, seen in our monthly “Can’t-Miss” and seasonal guides (see below).

Blog Posts
On a limited basis, DM offers blog posts of non-dated opportunities.


DM’s calendar, which boasts over 70,000 events yearly, is our site’s top most-visited destination.

Readers have the option to choose a master calendar (all events) or narrow down their focus and view by county or specialty; see them here.

Adding Your Opportunities
Submit yours here.


Adding Your Daily Operating Hours
Since the DMV is so rich in opportunities for children and their families, DM can’t add all daily operating hours to our calendars. However, for some businesses (for example, indoor play destinations) this is a valuable opportunity.

You can purchase this feature à la carte (minimum 3-mo commitment), or it can be included as part of your multi-month campaign (at no extra cost for select campaigns that run 3+ consecutive months).


Can’t-Miss Monthly Guides (Inclusion)
Monthly, DM produces a guide, divided by week, that highlights and shares what we have coined as “Can’t-Miss” opportunities. Each opportunity in this guide links to an event-style blog post. If applicable, this custom-written description is also replicated on our calendar.

Find our Can’t-Miss monthly guides by hovering over Calendars on our navbar.

Seasonal Guides (Sponsorship)
DM produces comprehensive guides that highlight seasonal events. Banner sponsorships of these guides are available.

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Summer Camp Guide (Inclusion)
Late Winter-August
DM’s annual Summer Camp Guide is the go-to destination for families planning their summer break! This dynamic guide, which includes a custom-written listing, allows readers to discover camp opportunities with a simple scroll or by dynamic search, including keyword, age, and location.

Preschool/Private School Open House & Special Events Guide (Inclusion)
Late August-April
DM’s annual Open House & Special Events Guide shares open houses, community events, tours, and more with readers who are interested in finding an academic home for their child.

This dynamic guide, which includes a custom-written listing, is updated regularly to reflect your most up-to-date opportunities. Readers discover programs with a simple scroll or by dynamic search, including keyword, age, and location.


A social promotion is a message that appears on select DullesMoms’ social media platforms, including FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

As of May 2020, DM’s Facebook community has an audience of 28,099.
As of May 2020, DM’s Twitter community has an audience of 3,824.
As of May 2020, DM’s Instagram community has an audience of 2,127.


Weekly, DM’s digital newsletter is sent to 8,500+ subscribers.

Featured Messages
A featured message is each newsletter’s top-most stories (the 1st or 2nd). Your message includes a body of text, accompanying image or logo, and an easy, 1-click call-to-action.

See an example here.

Newsletter Mentions
Also called an “Extra! Extra!” message, a newsletter mention is a 1-3 sentence promotion and call-to-action that appears in the Extra! Extra! section of our digital newsletter.

See an example here.

Newsletter Banners
Newsletter banners are mobile-enabled banners that appear between content sections.

See an example here.


Email Blast
An email blast is a custom written and designed message sent to DM subscribers. DM takes great care to ensure your message is mobile-enabled, including optimized images and text.


Banner Design
DM can produce your banner with your marketing guidelines and current look/feel in mind.

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