Can My Child’s Invisalign Aligners Double as a Mouthguard?

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Dear Dr. Barakat,

Can my child use his Invisalign aligners as a regular mouthguard for playing sports?

Dear Concerned Parent,

Unlike a custom-made mouthguard, your Invisalign aligners are designed strictly for straightening your teeth rather than protecting them from injury while playing sports. As a rule, you should remove your aligners and use the mouthguard during sporting activities to reduce the chance of injuries to your mouth and teeth.

Invisalign aligners do provide more comfort than traditional braces that have brackets and wires that can cut into your lips, but they do not provide the same cushion to guard against impacts to the face that can occur during a sporting event.

Pro Tip: Store your aligners in your mouthguard tray so that you remember to put them in again right after the game and don’t lose any valuable orthodontic treatment time!

Your Orthodontist will also warn you not to wear your aligners on the field because you might lose them, and they provide no protection to the teeth, tongue, and gums from injury if you are hit in the face. So, order that custom-made mouthguard and prevent a stray football, tennis ball, or hockey puck from destroying all that orthodontic progress you’re making!

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