Webinar: Empower Yourself — Personal Safety Strategies & More

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Postpartum Wellness, in partnership with Damsel in Defense, is proud to present a two-part series for women. Join them in May for:

May 16, 2020
Empower Yourself: Personal Safety Strategies

The following topics will be covered.

1. Situational awareness, paying attention to your surroundings.
2. What “focus lock” means and how to stop it.
3. General safety practices for when you’re home and traveling.
4. Discussion of safety products such as stun guns, pepper sprays, whistles, alarms, tactical pens, etc. to equip each person with something they feel comfortable with to protect themselves and/or a family member (age-appropriate).
5. What intuition is, symptoms, and to follow your intuition in all situations.

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May 17, 2020
Safehearts Family Enrichment Program: Teaching Children to Protect Their Hearts and Bodies

Safehearts is a program that equips parents to have “kid-versations” with their children about tricky people and tricky situations. The following topics will be covered.

1) A parent’s proactive guide covering a variety of topics such as why role-playing is important, creating boundaries, what is abuse and the effects of it, why you need to have these conversations, and much more.
2) Introducing books covering the following topics: tricky friends, saying NO, the buddy system, coercion, safe adults, grooming, restoration, pornography, victim-blaming, and firearms safety.
3) Introduction of the interactive Family Board game.
4) Accountability for both the parent and child with reinforcing behaviors/actions.

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Laura Fogarty, independent Damsel Pro for Damsel in Defense, will be the presenter. Damsel in Defense’s mission is to equip, empower, and educate women, men, and children on how to protect themselves from being a victim of crime.

Postpartum Wellness was started to support the needs of expectant and new mothers, as well as seasoned moms. Their mission is to provide compassionate therapy and support to women, from infertility to pregnancy to parenting, throughout the Washington, DC region.

Disclaimer/Terms: These opportunities are subject to last-minute cancellations; always confirm by calling/clicking.

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