Kitchen Ideas for Entertaining Large Crowds

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Dear Moss Building & Design,

The holidays are fast approaching, and I’m so grateful to be able to host family again this year! Any ideas on how to best entertain a gathering after such a long break?

Dear Dulles Mom,

We’re also pretty excited about the 2021 holiday season!

We’ve had many customers over the past 18-months who have revamped their kitchens and dining areas specifically for this reason as they realized, having been home for so long, that they wanted to change up the function and flow of their space. If you weren’t one of the many people who remodeled an area, hopefully, these ideas will inspire you for some freshening up of your home down the road.

We’re big fans of long center islands in kitchens — many homeowners have realized that a formal dining room doesn’t suit their lifestyle, so they’ve taken the approach of creating a big open space for gatherings and meals. Having an adjacent table that can be used as an additional seating option (or the main option, even in the large room) gives you some formality while allowing younger guests to eat at the island.

Entertaining a large group comes with some stress and anxiety as well. Remember that planning ahead for food, decor, place settings, and more is key to not only having a fun event but also giving the hosts the liberty to relax and enjoy themselves as well.

Check out some of our favorite kitchen remodels here (or sneak peek at pics below), and note how many have the massive island in the middle — we love them!

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