Everbrook Academy (Ashburn, VA) | Summer Camp

by Liz Jones | February 19, 2019 11:41 am

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Visit: 21684 Romans Dr., Ashburn, VA 20147
Connect: Website[3] | Facebook[4] | Twitter[5]
◊ Call: (571) 510-8735

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It’s full STEAM ahead to fun, excitement, and adventure at Camp Everbrook!

Campers are invited to enjoy a variety of weekly themed experiences exploring interesting subjects like science, art, animals, history, fitness, world cultures, and games. Campers will also enjoy engaging activities and fun field trips like visiting the National Air and Space Museum, The Children’s Museum at One Loudon, Volcano Island Waterpark, and more. Plus, healthy meals and snacks are included, too!

Choose your favorite week or spend the whole summer with Everbrook! Campers receive a t-shirt, water bottle, and backpack for all their summer adventures.

Sounds great, right? Then what are you waiting for? Experience a 21st-century summer at Everbrook Academy. Click here[7] to learn more about Everbrook Academy in Ashburn, VA.

Location(s): 21684 Romans Dr., Ashburn, VA 20147 (Loudoun County)
Campers: 16-mo to 12-years-old
Duration: Half- & full-day
Before & Aftercare: Both available
Sibling Discount: Yes, ask
Multi-Camp Discount: n/a
Potty-Trained: Not required

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