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2020 has been a banner year of health-related headlines! Fairfax Neonatal Associates invites you to read their top three columns from the last year.

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When Your Child’s Cough is No Longer Just a Cough
By Dr. Sunil A. Kapoor, Pediatric Lung & Allergy Center

Your instincts might not be wrong when you think your child’s prolonged “every day” cough could mean something more…

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How Sleep Habits Affect Eating Habits & Eating Habits Affect Sleep
By Dr. Melody Hawkins, Pediatric & Adolescent Sleep Center

Have you ever noticed that after having a particularly bad night of sleep, and the next day, you are more hungry than usual…

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Does My Child Have Asthma?
By Dr. Sunil A. Kapoor, Pediatric Lung & Allergy Center

While asthma is very common, the presentation of asthma can be very different among children, and it is often misdiagnosed…

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