Getting Your Home Organized For This Spring

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Dear Moss Building & Design,

I’m constantly struggling to keep up with the mess that plagues my entryway. What are some ways to stay organized this spring as we start introducing rain boots, jackets, sneakers, sandals, and sports equipment to the mix?

Dear Dulles Mom,

It always seems like it’s a constant struggle to keep up with the mess. We hear you!

One way to keep the clutter from extending into your home would be to create a mudroom. Mudrooms are great because they allow you to keep things like jackets, umbrellas, backpacks, boots, and sports equipment handy, while still giving them their proper place that’s not on the living room floor. Many mudrooms have built-in cubbies with hooks so each family member can have their own designated space. A built-in bench serves as a place to sit and remove dirty, outwear items. Drawers are also a great way to hide more seasonal pieces like scarves or gloves when the weather changes.

Some people add even more character to their mudrooms. If your family is full of sports buffs, you could model your mudroom after a locker room and install cubbies that resemble lockers. Or, if you’d like to hide the space (out of sight, out of mind!), and you appreciate more of a rustic look, you could use sliding barn doors to shield the clutter.

If building a mudroom isn’t an option for you, there are still a number of great tips to keep you organized and kick off the spring cleaning season. To help store some of that clutter, check out small bench options that include drawers and cubbies. As opposed to a mudroom that might take up a lot of precious space, the bench can be placed by almost any entryway. Alternatively, simply invest in some decorative bins that can be labeled by child or article of clothing.

For even more space-conscious storage options, think about how you can utilize your walls. You may have space to add coat hooks by the door that could replace a floor-hogging coat rack. For containing the smaller messes, hang small boxes, folders, or mesh bags on the walls to collect things like keys, mail, and school announcements. Pair that with a chalkboard or family calendar to jot down important reminders and events.

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