HappyFeet Soccer — Now Forming Neighborhood Classes!

by Dulles Moms | March 31, 2021 4:33 pm

By DullesMoms, Apr 2021

After a year of successful neighborhood classes, HappyFeet[1] is excited to offer their spring soccer program in your neighborhood!

With HappyFeet’s help, pull together some neighborhood kids, and they’ll come to your location to host a 4- to 8-week program. In your yard or a local indoor/outdoor community spot, HappyFeet coaches will bring the expertise, equipment, and fun safely to kids ages 2 to 12!

Not only do you choose a location convenient to your family, but you also receive your choice of day, time, and season length (4, 6, or 8 weeks). All kids receive a free t-shirt, water bottle, and HappyFeet bag. Plus, if you’re the parent that makes this all happen, enjoy 50% off your child’s season!

Call/click[2] to learn more and register:

Trevor Parker
(703) 966-2195
[email protected][3]

Vicky Hall
(571) 263-6411
[email protected][4]

HappyFeet Soccer is a “Whole-Child” soccer program. HappyFeet’s approach fosters your child’s entire soccer development: cognitive, social, emotional, and physical.

Using play-to-learn concepts and imaginative play, each HappyFeet child is equipped with their own ball for the entire class to learn soccer skills at their own pace. This enables them to repeat a skill and master it on their own developmental level.

Their curriculum also includes themes and adventures to engage the child’s mind, encouraging kids to take a role, lead an activity, and become comfortable, confident athletes! Visit HappyFeet online[5] to learn more.

Learn More[6]

Important Disclaimer: This opportunity is curated from a public source and subject to changes and/or cancelations that might not be reflected above. Always call to confirm before participating.

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